Introducing: Kotic Couture

Kotic Couture

Of course, this is an introduction in the same way that the Grammys give “Best New Artist” awards – Kotic Couture‘s been out for more than a minute. Maybe you just heard about him now from the B.Slade track he was featured on. Maybe you started paying attention after the video for This Ain’t No Country Club, which is basically Kent County’s version of Hard In Da Paint. Or maybe you’re really down and have one of the old 410’s Fynest or Retro Mafia or Rockstar K-0TiC (pre-Couture) mixtapes that were recorded on a laptop mic. Maybe you were even his friend on MySpace.

I wrote about how I started working with him in this article from last year, so I don’t want to re-hash that too much. But the spirit of meeting him outside an under-21 nightclub in a small town strip mall and building from there is exactly the kind of thing I want to push with this label.

March will see the official release of “Hey Hello Hi” on Unknowne Landes (first heard on the “Up All Night” mixtape). In addition to the titular single, the EP will feature two more original tracks, and two remixes from some talented producers we’ve played shows with this winter.

Stay tuned for more details as we get it all ready for ya! For now, you can check this live version of “Hey Hello Hi” recorded at Narnia Underground last month (and peep the transition into “Ball” by T.I. at the end!)


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