Fri Mar 15: K.A.Q.A.U. (Kent And Queen Anne’s Underground)

Kent And Queen Anne's Underground

A long long time ago, on the eastern shore of Maryland… when Pluto was still a planet and MySpace culturally relevant… there was a legendary clash of local music scenes… at the Radcliffe Mill in Chestertown, MD.

The show had the usual headliner of hometown punk-ska band The Converted. The rest of the line-up, however, included several metalcore and emo acts from nearby Kent Island. The two factions did not mingle happily, both unfamiliar and displeased with the others’ genre of choice. An evening of mounting frustrations came to a head in an incident that will be recounted to you by anyone who was there to see it.

Eight years later, almost to the day, Kent County and Kent Island are meeting halfway, literally, in Centreville. The vibes are sure to be more friendly this time around, with 3 DJs from each region bringing a diverse selection of electronic dance music for everyone to get down to.

Representing Kent County: Vitamin K, tha 1 who Trevs, and Kotic Couture
Representing Kent Island: Kennedy, Prospect, and Joe Rich

It all goes down Friday, March 15 inside the Centreville American Legion at 122 Spring Street. All ages, $5 at the door or in advance from one of the organizers.

Check the event on Facebook for more information on all the DJs!


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