Unknowne Artiste: Philly Club Music 2010-2011

Philly Club Music (or Party Music as it’s locally known) is generally identified as being faster, more hyperactive than its forebear Baltimore Club. It also has some trademark sounds of its own, such as a distinctive clap pattern and omnipresent DJ drops recorded by the kids’ friends on their cell phones.

Those drops were the only way I was able to identify the producers behind a few of these tracks, which I downloaded from Soundcloud while living in Philly for a year. All of these mp3s lack any tags or metadata, some have generic filenames like “work” and “mixie,” and most were likely exported from FL Studio at the default 160kbps.

If you can help identify any of the artists in this mix, please leave a comment below! Otherwise, just listen, rock off, tang it, and dmac it out!


One thought on “Unknowne Artiste: Philly Club Music 2010-2011

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