Mp3NDAYS: AEIOU Warmups – the Iron Chef Mix

AEIOU Warmups - the Iron Chef Mix

First, a disclaimer. The column title of “Mp3NDAYS” may give the impression that the mixtapes/albums/EPs posted here on Mondays are always downloadable. That’s not always the case, just how when we speak of “records” we aren’t necessarily talking about physical vinyl releases.

This week’s mix however, though not available for download, was recorded using those classic 33s and 45s (maybe some 78s?), comes with a great backstory, and includes “heat that is unshazamable and ungoogleable.” Listen to the full mix below.

Duey FM & Tripledouble’s
AEIOU Warmups…the Iron Chef Mix

When visitors come to Philly, we try to give them a slice of life.
Not just a taste of album covers and rotating wax,
but the type of everyday culture that inspires our love for music.
So on a whirlwind Spring afternoon,
we trooped some out of town guests through crack-a-dawn fleas,
street scapes, dusty shops, greasy Italian lunch counters and our home record sanctuaries.

This mix showcases the random assortment of records that crossed our path during that sunny day in Philadelphia.
Its also a small taste of the madness to come as …
Duey FM, Master Sinh, and Tripledouble polish up AEIOU 2000.


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