Mp3NDAYS: DMV 2 SXSW Mixtape


Getting this week’s post in just under the wire! It woulda been up sooner but the airport wifi was not cooperating.

While I was flying back to Toronto from the DMV, there was another group of artists making their way back to the DMV from Austin, TX. They were Brave New Breed, a record label/entertainment company who had compiled a mixtape of local artists to distribute during their time at SXSW.

The mixtapes (which were copied onto some slick USB bracelets) were given out to music lovers all over the festival, especially at BNB’s flagship event, The Breeding Ground, with headliner Talib Kweli.

Featured on the compilation, was Kotic Couture‘s track “Hey Hello Hi,” produced by me. An updated version of that song (plus three new ones, a remix, and a cover) will be available on our EP coming out later this month.

More details on that release to come shortly; for now, stream and download the DMV2SXSW mixtape below, and check out all the other dope artists!

Download the DMV2SXSW Mixtape | Powered by


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