Throwback Thursday: Bmore club breaks zip (+ new Tittsworth mix)

Some years back, Baltimore club music was The Thing for cool producers to make and for cool DJs to spin. A lot of those people moved on to dubstep, then moombahton, then trap, etc, and some “trend-followers” are surprised when they find that other people still like club music.

Of course it existed in Baltimore for years before Diplo, and for years after LMFAO it continues to thrive in that city as well as Philly and Jersey. Not as a niche or hip or underground genre, but as a unifying, regional, youth culture.

However, a notable asset that came out of club music’s national/international popularity was a zip folder containing the most commonly used breaks and samples, originally compiled and hosted on Tittsworth’s site between 2007 and 2009.

There’s still a demand for those loops, and since a lot of the links are dead or hard to find, here’s a convenient re-up for all you club heads! (scroll down for the link)

Included in this zip are essential clips like:

  • think
  • full sub loop 1
  • sing sing mono
  • bmore break_1_fill
  • bmore break_2
  • bmore break_3
  • bmore break_3b
  • funkydrummer1 (130)
  • bmoreloops
  • bmore break_1
  • think alt (break)
  • super sing titts (break)
  • chirp (break)
  • clap 5 times (break)
  • dick control scratch (break)
  • bmore beat titts (break)
  • bmore break4
  • you bad man (break)
  • Gaz – Sing Sing break 129
  • hat break (break)
  • hat clap loop
  • snare roll (break)
  • snarelightrod
  • stomp clap (break)
  • super jb (break)
  • takes 2 (break)
  • think crunchy (break)
  • sub (curtis)
  • think kick
  • clap
  • kick3
  • sing sing mono.1
  • super sing titts (break).1
  • super sing titts (break).2
  • super sing titts (break).3
  • think crunchy (break).1
  • think.1
  • 30989__UncleSigmund__hey
  • 34272_pj1s_CowBell



BONUS BEATS: Tittsworth has a new mix out this week, recorded live at his club U Street Music Hall’s “Bacon Birthday Party!”


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