KAQAU recap video, Kotic Couture EP cover art, + free Vitamin K remix!

It may be Sunday evening but we’re hard at work for a big week at Unknowne Landes! The label’s first release goes live Wednesday, and our first Toronto event is on Saturday!

But let’s look back for a minute… not too far back, just a couple weeks. Maybe you were throwing down at the American Legion in Centreville with us for KAQAU. If not, check the video below to see what you missed!

Woooo that was a wild night! So much thanks goes out to everyone who helped put that together and everyone who attended; truly historic.

If you liked the track in that video, then here’s some good news! You probably already knew this, but it’s coming out on Kotic Couture’s “Hey Hello Hi” EP this week. As a bonus though, you can mosey on over to the Unknowne Landes Facebook page to download it for free!

Kotic Couture – Hey Hello Hi (Vitamin K remix) FREE DOWNLOAD

Finally, we’re pleased to present the official cover art for the “Hey Hello Hi” EP, designed by Couture himself!


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