Mp3NDAYS: BizZarh, Harmonious Tribe, scatterpattern, tha 1 who Trevs

Saturday is coming up fast! The first official Unknowne Landes event in Toronto, featuring live performances from BizZarh and scatterpattern, and DJ sets from Harmonious Tribe and myself. To help you get through this week, here’s some music from all the artists getting ready to throw down at Jun Jun Bar!

This mixtape may be old, but it still sounds fresh, and is a good introduction to what BizZarh is about. They’ve been working on a lot of new music that should be heard that night, so get psyched!
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Who are Harmonious Tribe? Are they a surf rock band? Are they retro video game designers? Are they preparing a super trippy DJ set for Saturday? Is all this true and more? I dunno what to tell you, I just know them from Tumblr!
Tumblr × Bandcamp


Scatterpattern will be debuting his “Sorry About This” live show in Toronto. If you haven’t heard or seen that before in podcast form, it involves drum machines, synths, effects pedals, and Christmas lights.
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This mix is based on a set I played at Nocturne last year, but in addition to the tracklist included I closed out the night with twenty minutes of mid-00s snap music. That might happen again, we’ll see!
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