Kotic Couture – Hey Hello Hi EP

It’s here! The first label release on Unknowne Landes, and the debut EP from Kotic Couture. Featuring four original tracks produced by tha 1 who Trevs (plus a cover version of Minor Threat’s song “Straight Edge” offered as a free download) and a dubstep remix of the title track from Vitamin K, “Hey Hello Hi” showcases Couture’s focus, range, and ferocity.

A note from the artist himself:

Thus far, this is my favorite project, I say that about every project I do but this honestly this my all around favorite. I’m in such a better place in my personal life which allows me to face struggles with a different mindset, it lets me approach my music from a different angle. I feel that this project is the best reflection of me, I’m saying everything I need to say. There’s a song for everything to me. Wanna hear me be a little cocky? Listen to “Hey, Hello, Hi.” Want me to talk about my fashion? “Shades.” That song that just says fuck you I’m gonna do me? “FTBS.” It’s like this EP is the perfect reflection of me, even down to the artwork. I’m just proud of this EP, I hope it speaks to people, I learned to hold nothing back put it all in, Hey Hello Hi embodies that.

Cop the EP over at Bandcamp (like kids’ seats at Monster Jam, it’s JUST FIVE BUCKS) or stream it from Soundcloud below, and get your life!


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