Unknowne Artiste – Vehicle compilation tape (via Terminal Escape)

Sometime a couple weeks ago I was doing some Googling, and found this blog, Terminal Escape, that uploads and posts a bunch of punk/hardcore/metal/noise/etc tapes.

Tapes are a weird medium; they lack both the convenience of CDs and the quality of vinyl, but are still being made by various indie acts today in spite of that. The power of nostalgia?

Terminal Escape’s digitizing adds convenience to cool factor (separate tracks!) and they make an effort to link to bands/labels that are still active.

This tape however, apparently didn’t have much information with it:

A collection of nine songs, only one of which I am able to identify (but I’m guessing this comp is from the late ’80s and the bands are from the UK). Some dreary post punk and some psychedelic art fueled oddities. About half of this tape is quite excellent, but several songs are quite forgettable – it’s up to you to decide which half is which. And naturally, if anyone can identify the tracks, then I’m sure we would all be much obliged.

It definitely is a range of sounds on this mix, and the last track makes me think of Roseanne being set in Australia (harmonica vs didgeridoo jam out).

Download the VEHICLE compilation tape HERE.


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