Reviews of HSD-001 from around the web!

For his 21st birthday on April 13th, we offered Kotic Couture‘s debut EP, “Hey Hello Hi,” for free for 24 hours!

Before that though, the release made its way from Maryland to Canada to the UK and Sweden, via the streets of the Internet! Check out some of the reviews below:

Straight Edge Worldwide called the EP “new school hip hop at its most creative… and a defiant shot across the bow for those in the hip-hop community.

LGBT Underground has showed consistent support for many of Kotic Couture’s past releases on their blog and mixtapes; just check the search history!

Tight To The Nail wrote an awesome review, describing the music as “hip-hop firmly rooted in the new school with not too many fucks given and everything drenched in electronic synths and hi-hats that sparkle almost out of audible human range.

“Straight Edge,” the Minor Threat cover included as a free download, has especially grown legs on the Internet, even reaching Swedish webzine Lukinzine.

Mr. Manic from the collective Psy-Fi Dimension gave the release an amazing track-by-track review, summing it up as “a powerful mix of electronic dance music and hip hop with a punk edge… mak[ing] it clear that he will not be deterred from being himself and dar[ing] anyone to challenge that.”



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