Mp3NDAYS: DJ Sega – Hoodlife 2 Headliner

This mix runs the gamut from classic funky Baltimore chants through the current trend of up-to-the-minute rap sample flips, and into club interpolations of modern EDM/dubstep/trap bangers with kicks and breaks battling synths and bass. It’s a thrill ride of a set that’s longer than most feature films, yet somehow manages to keep the energy not only up, but constantly building.

Check after the jump for the tracklist, the free download, and links to the few other artists featured (a majority of the tracks are his own remixes!)

DJ Sega – Hoodlife 2 Headliner

1.) Brand New Funk – DJ Sega
2.) Unchained (The Big Payback/Untouchable) – DJ Sega
3.) Dancer’s Anthem – DJ Technics
4.) Come On Baby – Rod Lee
5.) Get Pumped In The Club – Murder Mark f/ Porkchop
6.) New God Break – DJ Sega
7.) Too Pumped – DJ Booman
8.)Back On The Wire – DJ Technics
9.) It’s A Feeling – DJ Booman
10.) What’s The DJ’s Name – Rod Lee
11.) Dem Bmore Streets – Murder Mark f/ TT the Artist
12.) 1 Train – DJ Sega
13.) Gold Molly – DJ Sega
14.) Pull The Trigger – DJ Tameil
15.) D’Jango’s Theme – DJ Sega
16.) Flexin – DJ Sega f/ Tim Dolla
17.) Clique – DJ Sega
18.) LGBNAF – DJ Sega
19.) LIYL – DJ Sega
20.) Da Baddest Man – DJ Sega
21.) Gangnam Style – DJ Sega f/ DJ Tim Dolla
22.) Humungasaurus – DJ Sega
23.) Scream And Shout – DJ Sega
24.) Make Em Jump – DJ Sega
25.) Horny Women – DJ Sega f/ DJ Tone
26.) Express Yourself – DJ Sega
27.) Original Don – DJ Sega
28.) Promises – DJ Sega
29.) Cinema – DJ Sega
30.) Make It Bun Dem – DJ Sega
31.) Internet Friends – DJ Sega


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