Introducing: clycl

I just found out there was gonna be a rave in the basement of one of the college dorms across the street. The theme was “blue.” I called my best friend over, we busted out the blue hair spiking gel, and made a weird kinda Slipknot-esque hat/mask out of an old blue knit cap. All I knew about electronic music was the song in the Mitsubishi Eclipse commercial, and all he knew was the song in the Mortal Kombat movie

This was 2003.

We ventured over to the campus, walked in through the side door that was left open, and went downstairs for the party. It was us, the DJ, and two other people.

One of those other people was clycl, whose government name, Facebook profile, and History Channel alias will remain classified to enhance mysterious branding efforts. Also just cuz not everyone wants to be a superstar, even if they once knocked out Henry the 8th AND 9th in a boxing match.

clycl’s EP, “Elwood Slow Jams ’13,” will be released through Unknowne Landes on Tuesday, April 30, AKA in two weeks! For a taste of what’s coming, you might head over to this Soundcloud address…


whatcha know?

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