Fri Apr 19: Perpetual Stress presents @ Izakaya

This Is Me As A Woman, Labour Day, The Pucumber Sasssquatch Family Band, SuperlionFriday, April 19 @ Izakaya Sushi House, 294 College St. $5/PWYC

Hey y’all it’s Trev! So in addition to everything else you see here on the blog, I play drums in this super-rad band called Superlion! This Friday we’re playing a show at a sushi house put on by the one and only Dee Rex (check out more of his events in this Facebook group).

In anticipation of that we just released our first song, Midnight Bowling in Istanbul. Stream it and hit the download below, and keep reading for some awesome descriptions from Dee of the other bands playing that night!

The hardest working solo act in Toronto. From doing drums and vocals alone I can vouche for this, now add additional layers and other instruments on top all by yrself? That’s work bruv!

Quite possibly one of the most overlooked/underrated bands in the city. Super, super fun epic, three guitar rock’n’roll from right here in T.O.

I’m going to use a description I heard from a friend of theirs, “They’re like the B-52’s if they were forced to play their set in hell for all eternity”. A six piece outfit from Hamilton that is quite literally a family band, absolute insanity!

Super cute lo-fuzz pop-rock from T.O playing their second show ever. A definete must if you enjoy good times and keyboards simultaneously! Ex-Liferuiner.


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