ESJ13 tracklist + vintage clycl video

It’s been quiet around these parts.

As usual, that just means there’s a lot going on in the background! The first one you’ll get to hear about is our next label release!

The elusive IDM producer clycl‘s debut EP, Elwood Slow Jams ’13, drops on Tuesday, April 30. It features 7 original tracks; some new, some recovered from dusty hard drives, the collection hits a variety of styles and moods from groovy to abstract, progressive to funky.

  1. The Rising
  2. Fuel Station Alpha
  3. Booty Pageant
  4. Cloud Interval
  5. Metro Seoul
  6. Playtime
  7. Scylla

Just for kicks, here’s a lil video I made back in 2006/2007 using one of clycl’s old tracks, Jellopolis. Laser tag funtimes!


whatcha know?

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