clycl – Elwood Slow Jams ’13

“He found out that the universe was shrinking years before anybody else cared, and years before anybody else in Elwood knew what the universe was.”

We all know that “EDM” is the now it thing, savior of the big music industry, and current incarnation of glam rock: even the artists that attempt to conceal their identity behind masks end up creating massive cults of personality and KISS-level merchandising.

“The loss quality so evident at all levels of spectacular language, from the objects it praises to the behavior it regulates, merely translates the fundamental traits of the real production which brushes reality aside.”

Unknowne Landes is pleased to present Elwood Slow Jams ’13. Follow producer clycl on a journey through space and time, acid and electro, funk and ambiance.

Stream the EP below, and buy it over on Bandcamp.


whatcha know?

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