Dr. Dolphinacus – The Magicicada Blues

Seventeen years ago. 1996. The first Pokemon game was just released in Japan, Justin Bieber was still diapers, and billions of bugs burrowed beneath the soil of the US east coast.

This month, Magicicada Brood II will emerge from underground and outnumber humans in the area 600-to-1. To commemorate the occasion, we have this acoustic ode to the cicadas by Virginia’s mysterious Dr. Dolphinacus.

The Magicicada Blues was actually written for Brood X, another 17-year swarm that last came out in 2004. That year, I burned this CD to play on my high school’s community radio station. It includes 3 version’s of the song, which you can now listen to and download on Bandcamp.

Just for kicks, and because I liked freaking out our program manager with random music every once in a while, I also threw “Live From The Russian Compound” by The Locust on that disc (PS: did you catch the gifset of Justin Pearson’s new band Retox from their Toronto show?). This video may or may not accurately describe the auditory and visual experience of a cicada swarm…


whatcha know?

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