Kent Massive 2013 mixtape

TODAY IS THE DAY! Kent Massive is rolling into town, ready to blow up the local music scene once again! If you still don’t know what’s going on at the Garfield Center for the Arts today, check out and get on Facebook.

Here is the tracklist of the exclusive promo mixtape that will ONLY be available at the show!

  1. Kotic Couture – King (from the upcoming mixtape “Uncrowned King”)
  2. Chester River Runoff – Plastic Houses (from the album “Blue Heron Farm”)
  3. L.atasha A.lcindor – Pretend Janet (from the “Spark” EP)
  4. Me Equals You – Anything But Love (from the album “Respice Finem”)
  5. Vitamin K – Nocturnal
  6. Dogs & Day Drinkers – The Dogs’ Lament (acoustic)
  7. Encasing Embrace – Changing Times (not performing)
  8. Trav Black – Eyes on the Prize (from the mixtape “Focus Humble and Maintain)
  9. A Galaxy Concealed – Reflections (members of Sterling Moon)
  10. Dutch Williams – World of Make Believe (not performing)
  11. Kent Massive interview on WCTR

whatcha know?

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