Mp3NDAYS: Goatface Killa

In case you missed it, Toronto grindcore trio Goatface Killa closed out 2013 with a ten-minute bang in the form of their first full-length (by grindcore standards) LP.

It’s all the harsh vocals, chaotic drumming, chunky riffage, and amusing song titles you should expect from GxK if you’ve caught them live, and it’s all up for free download below:

What’s that? You’ve never heeded the Call of the Goatface and seen their ridiculous performances that have been described as akin to a blender? Well you’re in luck because we have four, count ’em FOUR, exclusive videos from their set at The Cage last June!

Now what’s that you say? These videos just aren’t enough? Your tastes for extreme music simply cannot be sated by Clouds of Sound and Tubes of You? Well then now is your lucky time because this band is constantly gigging. Here are just a couple of their upcoming shows:

Bear Trap, Born Wrong, Goatface Killa, Manacle, Anxiety. January 10 at Thigh High Clubhouse

Burn Victim, Burial Permit, Goatface Killa, Homestyle Cooking, Skwid. January 18 at The Central


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