Accepting Submissions for Zine/Mixtape: HSD-Z01

Unknowne Landes is accepting submissions of audio and visual art for its first physical/digital zine/mixtape release.

FOR MUSICIANS: Each page of the zine will have info on the tracks included in the mixtape, and any links the artists want to promote. The mixtape will be streamable on Bandcamp but can only be downloaded with a unique code from one of the zines (unless you specifically want your track up for free download online).

FOR VISUAL ARTISTS: We are looking for art to be featured on the front cover, back cover, and behind the text on the six inside pages. One piece will also be featured as a full-page poster printed on the back of the zine. Keep in mind that the zine will be printed in grayscale, but the full-size and colour versions of your art can be included in the downloads from Bandcamp.

Only 100 copies of the zine will be printed and distributed: 25 in London, UK in the end of November; 35 in Toronto, Canada in the beginning of December; 25 in DC/Baltimore/Maryland in the end of December; 15 in Philly in the beginning of January.

If you would like to be included in this project, please get back to us ASAP and try to get your material in by the weekend of November 22. We’re open to all genres of music and art, so don’t hesitate to reply if you’re interested!

Hc Svnt Dracones / Here Be Dragons


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