Hc Svnt Dracones Z01

Presenting the first Unknowne Landes compilation mixtape/zine!

The online release is available for steam only. To download the mixtape, you’ll have to find one of 100 copies of the zine that are being strewn about in London, Toronto, Maryland, and Philly. Try checking #HSDz01 on Twitter for clues…

  1. Kotic Couture & L.atasha A.lcindor – Kings × Queens (Maryland/NYC)
  2. Reminder – One Year Away (Toronto)
  3. Nuru Nights – Forever Future (Maryland)
  4. FormConstant – Onyx (Philly)
  5. DR00P – SPRKT (Toronto)
  6. Lindo – ForeverI (Philly)
  7. Chris Barton – Scotch of the Night (Toronto/UK)
  8. Opal Rose – Strange Fruit (Maryland)
  9. Quest For Fire – Ashes [dub] (Toronto)
  10. Sofia Ortiz – Citrus (Maryland

The download includes pieces by these artists who contributed to the zine:

  1. Shaughn Tron – Searchlight (Toronto)
  2. Perry Hall – Middle of Nowhere (Maryland/Italy)
  3. On Point Ink – Going Away Jam (Philly)
  4. Ejiwa Ebinebe – Listen To Me… (Vancouver)
  5. Vitamin K – Safe From The Storm (Maryland)
  6. Kanor – Apples Cops And Buffalo (Toronto)

whatcha know?

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