HSD-E15: This Ain’t No Country Club T-shirt

“You don’t know about the underworld, cuz you not involved.”

“How you gonna judge something, when you never even been there?”

Nothing is always just what it looks like, or what you hear. Some places look like the set of Gilmore Girls, and if you turn the corner you’re in The Wire. You’ll hear only negative things about a certain block or intersection, then go there and meet the friendliest people. What do people think about your hometown? What do you know better?

Geometric patterns and reflections of photos from Kent Massive 2012 make up the design of this shirt, which is a tribute to the local hip-hop posse cut anthem “This Ain’t No Country Club” by Kotic Couture, Zone 8 Breezy, and Dutch Williams, which began as tha 1 who Trevs’ remix of Canadian electro duo Torro Torro.

See the video shot in Worton, Butlertown, and Chestertown, MD below, and for more KCMD merch check out the Kent Massive shop


whatcha know?

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