Cloud Sounds × 20130407

It’s been far too long since the last standard Soundcloud post around here! There’s a month’s worth of the weird random music that shows up on our dash here for ya today.

Got some hype beats, chill beats, chill wave, surf step, Indonesian hardcore punk, a remix of the Game of Thrones theme song, plus bass music from Baltimore, India, the UK, Toronto, and more!

If you want your tracks featured here, or are even looking for a more long-form review of your release, follow Unknowne Landes on Soundcloud, we follow back yo!

Cloud Sounds × 20130308

Happy International Women’s Day!

To celebrate, this week’s post features a bunch of dope female artists, and some pictures from the IWD tag on Tumblr. Enjoy!

Cloud Sounds × 20130227

I just followed a bunch of beat makers on the Unknowne Landes Soundcloud, so this post is gonna lean pretty heavy in that direction. Not too much commentary on this one, I’ll let the tracks speak for themselves (which is ironic, since they’re all instrumentals).

And just in case you were wondering, the pictures are from the south end of the Betty Sutherland Trail, which is near the intersection of Don Mills Road and Duncan Mills Road in Toronto, and you can see more in the photoset on Tumblr.

Cloud Sounds × 20130221

The blog’s been off to a slow start, but be assured there is a lot happening behind the scenes! In the meantime, might as well start up that obligatory modern music blog staple of cool Soundcloud/picture posts! So dive right in and make yourself…

right at home -->

Kicking it off is a track from Claycell Project which is tagged as “Analog Muffin Reggae.” You’ll be hearing more from him on this site soon.

This just came up in my feed today. Cool guarachero sampling of The Ha Dance.

awesome cat

Every time I hear this track it still blows me away that a) I know this kid, and b) he’s from Chestertown.

Psychedelic Afrofuturist bass-heavy hip-hop from Philly’s Mr. Manic and Echo Endless, coming together as FormConstant.

Sick emcee/producer from the DMV, Triple Threat chops a James Blake Feist sample on this cut from her Valentine’s Day release Swisher Sweethearts.

victory, hopes, wishes, hugs

Some groovy sounds. Dunno much else about it but it’s groovy!

Good to see this kid still at it with the music. Future R&B with Baltimore club influences.

I don’t even remember following this person but it sounds neat.

le sharpie stache

Epic preview of Hi$TO’s new EP, which just dropped a few hours ago. Go get that, and expect a post on here about it soon as well!

And finally, we have Jersey club producer KMillz trying something a lil different, and ticklin’ the ivories.

That’s it for now; hope you think this post was…

da bomb