HSD-E15: This Ain’t No Country Club T-shirt

“You don’t know about the underworld, cuz you not involved.”

“How you gonna judge something, when you never even been there?”

Nothing is always just what it looks like, or what you hear. Some places look like the set of Gilmore Girls, and if you turn the corner you’re in The Wire. You’ll hear only negative things about a certain block or intersection, then go there and meet the friendliest people. What do people think about your hometown? What do you know better?

Geometric patterns and reflections of photos from Kent Massive 2012 make up the design of this shirt, which is a tribute to the local hip-hop posse cut anthem “This Ain’t No Country Club” by Kotic Couture, Zone 8 Breezy, and Dutch Williams, which began as tha 1 who Trevs’ remix of Canadian electro duo Torro Torro.

See the video shot in Worton, Butlertown, and Chestertown, MD below, and for more KCMD merch check out the Kent Massive shop


HSD-V15: Unknowne Landes, Vernal Collection

They say “it’s all about who you know.” But what about that street artist who didn’t sign their name? What about the uncredited producer of your favorite song? What about the person who farmed your food? What about the person who takes out your trash? What about the shadowy figures of the shadow government? What about the anonymous hackers exposing the shadowy figures of the shadow government? What about your great great great grandparents? What about your great great great grandkids?

That’s why we say “it’s just as much about who you don’t know” …because what do *they* know, anyway?

Presenting the first collection of official Unknowne Landes merchandise, HSD-V15, just in time for spring. Cut-and-paste design styles because that’s how we do; you can get the slogan on a t-shirt or long sleeve or the logo on a slouch beanie.

We kept it pretty simple with this line: just black shirts and black or grey hats. Yes it’s a spring collection but hey we’ve still got snow on the ground in a lot of places! Leave a comment with what you would want to wear in the summer and maybe that’ll become reality…

Superlion EP + RATM cover set

Last weekend, we released the debut EP from Toronto power-pop band Superlion, in the as-is-now-customary fashion of a surprise album drop (shoutout Beyoncé/Drake/House of Cards). ICYMI, here’s Lake Ontario for free/PWYC download:

As an extra treat, just for fun, here’s a #rare recording of Superlion playing a cover show at the now-defunct Skramden Yards back in 2013. Performing as Rawr Against The Machine, they tore through a set of Rage classics (kicking it off with a song from Zack de la Rocha’s pre-RATM hardcore band Inside Out).

So when is the next legit Superlion show? That is TBD… maybe you should book them?

Hc Svnt Dracones Z01

Presenting the first Unknowne Landes compilation mixtape/zine!

The online release is available for steam only. To download the mixtape, you’ll have to find one of 100 copies of the zine that are being strewn about in London, Toronto, Maryland, and Philly. Try checking #HSDz01 on Twitter for clues…

  1. Kotic Couture & L.atasha A.lcindor – Kings × Queens (Maryland/NYC)
  2. Reminder – One Year Away (Toronto)
  3. Nuru Nights – Forever Future (Maryland)
  4. FormConstant – Onyx (Philly)
  5. DR00P – SPRKT (Toronto)
  6. Lindo – ForeverI (Philly)
  7. Chris Barton – Scotch of the Night (Toronto/UK)
  8. Opal Rose – Strange Fruit (Maryland)
  9. Quest For Fire – Ashes [dub] (Toronto)
  10. Sofia Ortiz – Citrus (Maryland

The download includes pieces by these artists who contributed to the zine:

  1. Shaughn Tron – Searchlight (Toronto)
  2. Perry Hall – Middle of Nowhere (Maryland/Italy)
  3. On Point Ink – Going Away Jam (Philly)
  4. Ejiwa Ebinebe – Listen To Me… (Vancouver)
  5. Vitamin K – Safe From The Storm (Maryland)
  6. Kanor – Apples Cops And Buffalo (Toronto)

Accepting Submissions for Zine/Mixtape: HSD-Z01

Unknowne Landes is accepting submissions of audio and visual art for its first physical/digital zine/mixtape release.

FOR MUSICIANS: Each page of the zine will have info on the tracks included in the mixtape, and any links the artists want to promote. The mixtape will be streamable on Bandcamp but can only be downloaded with a unique code from one of the zines (unless you specifically want your track up for free download online).

FOR VISUAL ARTISTS: We are looking for art to be featured on the front cover, back cover, and behind the text on the six inside pages. One piece will also be featured as a full-page poster printed on the back of the zine. Keep in mind that the zine will be printed in grayscale, but the full-size and colour versions of your art can be included in the downloads from Bandcamp.

Only 100 copies of the zine will be printed and distributed: 25 in London, UK in the end of November; 35 in Toronto, Canada in the beginning of December; 25 in DC/Baltimore/Maryland in the end of December; 15 in Philly in the beginning of January.

If you would like to be included in this project, please get back to us ASAP and try to get your material in by the weekend of November 22. We’re open to all genres of music and art, so don’t hesitate to reply if you’re interested!

Hc Svnt Dracones / Here Be Dragons


LavENDER is a queer and trans femme fronted crust band from Toronto, Ontario. They like to counter their heavy heartfelt lyrics with stilettos and shiny things. And they want to remind you not to fuck with queer and trans femmes.

LavENDER is:
Vocals- Ro
Guitar- Nat
Bass- Lindsay
Drums- Nat

Produced by: tha 1 who Trevs
Recorded at the House of Handsome (Bendovercourt)

Dr. Dolphinacus – The Magicicada Blues

Seventeen years ago. 1996. The first Pokemon game was just released in Japan, Justin Bieber was still diapers, and billions of bugs burrowed beneath the soil of the US east coast.

This month, Magicicada Brood II will emerge from underground and outnumber humans in the area 600-to-1. To commemorate the occasion, we have this acoustic ode to the cicadas by Virginia’s mysterious Dr. Dolphinacus.

The Magicicada Blues was actually written for Brood X, another 17-year swarm that last came out in 2004. That year, I burned this CD to play on my high school’s community radio station. It includes 3 version’s of the song, which you can now listen to and download on Bandcamp.

Just for kicks, and because I liked freaking out our program manager with random music every once in a while, I also threw “Live From The Russian Compound” by The Locust on that disc (PS: did you catch the gifset of Justin Pearson’s new band Retox from their Toronto show?). This video may or may not accurately describe the auditory and visual experience of a cicada swarm…