Superlion EP + RATM cover set

Last weekend, we released the debut EP from Toronto power-pop band Superlion, in the as-is-now-customary fashion of a surprise album drop (shoutout Beyoncé/Drake/House of Cards). ICYMI, here’s Lake Ontario for free/PWYC download:

As an extra treat, just for fun, here’s a #rare recording of Superlion playing a cover show at the now-defunct Skramden Yards back in 2013. Performing as Rawr Against The Machine, they tore through a set of Rage classics (kicking it off with a song from Zack de la Rocha’s pre-RATM hardcore band Inside Out).

So when is the next legit Superlion show? That is TBD… maybe you should book them?


Hc Svnt Dracones Z01

Presenting the first Unknowne Landes compilation mixtape/zine!

The online release is available for steam only. To download the mixtape, you’ll have to find one of 100 copies of the zine that are being strewn about in London, Toronto, Maryland, and Philly. Try checking #HSDz01 on Twitter for clues…

  1. Kotic Couture & L.atasha A.lcindor – Kings × Queens (Maryland/NYC)
  2. Reminder – One Year Away (Toronto)
  3. Nuru Nights – Forever Future (Maryland)
  4. FormConstant – Onyx (Philly)
  5. DR00P – SPRKT (Toronto)
  6. Lindo – ForeverI (Philly)
  7. Chris Barton – Scotch of the Night (Toronto/UK)
  8. Opal Rose – Strange Fruit (Maryland)
  9. Quest For Fire – Ashes [dub] (Toronto)
  10. Sofia Ortiz – Citrus (Maryland

The download includes pieces by these artists who contributed to the zine:

  1. Shaughn Tron – Searchlight (Toronto)
  2. Perry Hall – Middle of Nowhere (Maryland/Italy)
  3. On Point Ink – Going Away Jam (Philly)
  4. Ejiwa Ebinebe – Listen To Me… (Vancouver)
  5. Vitamin K – Safe From The Storm (Maryland)
  6. Kanor – Apples Cops And Buffalo (Toronto)

Introducing: clycl

I just found out there was gonna be a rave in the basement of one of the college dorms across the street. The theme was “blue.” I called my best friend over, we busted out the blue hair spiking gel, and made a weird kinda Slipknot-esque hat/mask out of an old blue knit cap. All I knew about electronic music was the song in the Mitsubishi Eclipse commercial, and all he knew was the song in the Mortal Kombat movie

This was 2003.

We ventured over to the campus, walked in through the side door that was left open, and went downstairs for the party. It was us, the DJ, and two other people.

One of those other people was clycl, whose government name, Facebook profile, and History Channel alias will remain classified to enhance mysterious branding efforts. Also just cuz not everyone wants to be a superstar, even if they once knocked out Henry the 8th AND 9th in a boxing match.

clycl’s EP, “Elwood Slow Jams ’13,” will be released through Unknowne Landes on Tuesday, April 30, AKA in two weeks! For a taste of what’s coming, you might head over to this Soundcloud address…

KAQAU recap video, Kotic Couture EP cover art, + free Vitamin K remix!

It may be Sunday evening but we’re hard at work for a big week at Unknowne Landes! The label’s first release goes live Wednesday, and our first Toronto event is on Saturday!

But let’s look back for a minute… not too far back, just a couple weeks. Maybe you were throwing down at the American Legion in Centreville with us for KAQAU. If not, check the video below to see what you missed!

Woooo that was a wild night! So much thanks goes out to everyone who helped put that together and everyone who attended; truly historic.

If you liked the track in that video, then here’s some good news! You probably already knew this, but it’s coming out on Kotic Couture’s “Hey Hello Hi” EP this week. As a bonus though, you can mosey on over to the Unknowne Landes Facebook page to download it for free!

Kotic Couture – Hey Hello Hi (Vitamin K remix) FREE DOWNLOAD

Finally, we’re pleased to present the official cover art for the “Hey Hello Hi” EP, designed by Couture himself!

Introducing: Kotic Couture

Kotic Couture

Of course, this is an introduction in the same way that the Grammys give “Best New Artist” awards – Kotic Couture‘s been out for more than a minute. Maybe you just heard about him now from the B.Slade track he was featured on. Maybe you started paying attention after the video for This Ain’t No Country Club, which is basically Kent County’s version of Hard In Da Paint. Or maybe you’re really down and have one of the old 410’s Fynest or Retro Mafia or Rockstar K-0TiC (pre-Couture) mixtapes that were recorded on a laptop mic. Maybe you were even his friend on MySpace.

I wrote about how I started working with him in this article from last year, so I don’t want to re-hash that too much. But the spirit of meeting him outside an under-21 nightclub in a small town strip mall and building from there is exactly the kind of thing I want to push with this label.

March will see the official release of “Hey Hello Hi” on Unknowne Landes (first heard on the “Up All Night” mixtape). In addition to the titular single, the EP will feature two more original tracks, and two remixes from some talented producers we’ve played shows with this winter.

Stay tuned for more details as we get it all ready for ya! For now, you can check this live version of “Hey Hello Hi” recorded at Narnia Underground last month (and peep the transition into “Ball” by T.I. at the end!)