Hc Svnt Dracones Z01

Presenting the first Unknowne Landes compilation mixtape/zine!

The online release is available for steam only. To download the mixtape, you’ll have to find one of 100 copies of the zine that are being strewn about in London, Toronto, Maryland, and Philly. Try checking #HSDz01 on Twitter for clues…

  1. Kotic Couture & L.atasha A.lcindor – Kings × Queens (Maryland/NYC)
  2. Reminder – One Year Away (Toronto)
  3. Nuru Nights – Forever Future (Maryland)
  4. FormConstant – Onyx (Philly)
  5. DR00P – SPRKT (Toronto)
  6. Lindo – ForeverI (Philly)
  7. Chris Barton – Scotch of the Night (Toronto/UK)
  8. Opal Rose – Strange Fruit (Maryland)
  9. Quest For Fire – Ashes [dub] (Toronto)
  10. Sofia Ortiz – Citrus (Maryland

The download includes pieces by these artists who contributed to the zine:

  1. Shaughn Tron – Searchlight (Toronto)
  2. Perry Hall – Middle of Nowhere (Maryland/Italy)
  3. On Point Ink – Going Away Jam (Philly)
  4. Ejiwa Ebinebe – Listen To Me… (Vancouver)
  5. Vitamin K – Safe From The Storm (Maryland)
  6. Kanor – Apples Cops And Buffalo (Toronto)

Kent Massive 2013 recap video

Remember, if you can, back to Labor Day last year. Chestertown, MD was experiencing its third annual Kent Massive, an all-day festival celebrating diverse youth music and arts. Punks, ravers, poets, artists, hippies, hipsters, and hip-hoppers all descended on the downtown historic district, where the Garfield Center for the Arts was bursting with energy.

Sure, if the recap video of an event was released shortly after said event took place, then it would still be fresh in everyone’s minds. But this way not only can you relive those memories that may have faded, but you can start getting excited for Kent Massive 2014, which is set for Saturday, August 30!

In These Streets: Red Emma’s (Bmore)

In between planning this year’s Kent Massive and hosting Narnia Cabaret, a couple weeks ago we were able to visit radical bookstore and vegan cafe Red Emma’s in Baltimore.

That night, the grassroots space with the best coffee in Baltimore (and the best book selection anywhere) hosted a conversation with recently released political prisoner, former Black Panther, and activist/mentor Marshall “Eddie” Conway. You can stream a recording of the talk on the website of 88.9 WEAA’s Marc Steiner, who facilitated the night.

While you’re listening to that, we’ll return to our (ir)regularly scheduled programming: below are posters from the entrance of Red Emma’s for some events in the Baltimore area from now through July.

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Collective Courage: A History of African-American Cooperative Economic Thought and Practice
Jessica Gordon Nembhard
Wednesday, June 4th, 7:30pm
Red Emma’s
30 W. North Avenue, Baltimore

Ryan Harvey, Caleb Stine, James Bar Bowen
Wednesday, June 4th, 8:00pm
Liam Flynn’s Ale House
22 W. North Avenue, Baltimore

The Power Inside Women’s Rap
A support group for women to share their hopes and strengths and to heal from incarceration, street life and abuse.
Every Wednesday, 3:00pm – 4:30pm
The Power Inside Office
325 E. 25th Street, Baltimore

Dance Party
Snack Master, A’Phreaq, Potionz, DJ Lexx, Chris Balint
Friday, June 6th, 10:00pm
The Holy Underground
2021 Maryland Avenue, Baltimore

Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy
Baltimore Annex Theatre, based on the Opera by Guo Tai Gong
Thursday, June 5th – Sunday, June 8th, 8:00pm
Station North Chicken Box
1 W. North Avenue, Baltimore

Common Core-nival
Play games! Have fun! Learn about the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of Public Education!
Friday, June 13th, 4:00pm – 8:00pm
In front of and around the Board of Education Building
North Avenue and Calvert Street, Baltimore

Comics & Medicine: From Private Lives to Public Health
Ellen Forney, Arthur Frank, James Sturm, Carol Tilley
Thursday, June 26th to Saturday, June 28th
John Hopkins Medical Campus
1800 Orleans Street, Baltimore

10 Reasons Co-Ops Rock
Graphic design by Molly McLeod

Sat May 24: Narnia Cabaret @ Chestertown River Arts

Saturday, May 24, 2014
River Arts Gallery
315 High Street, Suite 106, Chestertown, Maryland 21620
FREE, 10 am – 2 pm

Someone once described Chestertown, MD as their “own private Narnia.” What exactly they meant by that, we can never be sure, but we can always wonder.

This event will feature diverse performances of poetry, spoken word, and acoustic music. We will also be hosting a pop-up zine library, and zine-making workshop facilitated by Ronak Ghorbani.

Join us in the RiverArts Gallery, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the Chestertown Tea Party, for a celebration of youth creative arts.

This event is dedicated to the memory of Dillon Venable.


Blaqstarr – Gangsta & The Return of Club Music

If you’ve paid any attention to contemporary music trends in the last decade or so, you’ve noticed a recurring pattern. It usually goes something like this:

  1. New popular (meaning “of the people”) style is formed in a local region, city, or neighborhood.
  2. People from surrounding  regions, cities, or neighborhoods catch on to this newness.
  3. The style is spread through the International Hipster Underground and emulated (with varying degrees of success).
  4. The dreaded “Mainstream” catches on. The style starts getting incorporated into Top 40 hits.
  5. Viral videos are made, cultural appropriation thinkpieces are written, and now your parents are asking you about it.

The time it takes for this process to run its course varies, but we’ve all seen it happen with everything from Baile Funk and Baltimore club music to dubstep, moombahton, trap, and twerk. Heck, a similar chain of events (minus Internet) could probably even be applied to the beginnings of hip-hop, grunge, and punk, etc.

If this rant is sounding familiar, it’s probably because I touched on this topic in regards to Baltimore club music last year. In that post I also re-upped a legendary zip file of common breaks and samples used by club producers, and it gets daily views and clicks from all over the world.

That data, when looked at against old school DJs returning to the scene, young producers pushing the sound in new directions, and other people doing so in a questionable manner, it all points to club music making a second round on this circuit.

Jeffree’s, a sub-label of Mad Decent (which had a big hand in step 3 last time around), is releasing a new/like-new EP from Baltimore club artist Blaqstarr. His work is always unique because it has that raw street-banger quality but also incorporates some approaches to sound design and song composition that appear to come way out of left field.

Judging by some of the Soundcloud comments, a lot of “EDM” fans just are not ready for this sound. To be fair, it’s really impossible to fully appreciate Baltimore club music without experiencing it in a Baltimore club. It’s more than just a kick pattern and breakbeat – it’s a culture with its own traditions, rationales, and of course, dances.

So as we proceed into this new era of club music’s popularity, allow this video to serve as a PSA. Instead of getting your fists pumping and your rage faces on when the DJ drops the beat, let TSU’s Terry and Rum show you how it’s done:

That video was produced by TT the Artist, whose documentary on Baltimore club Dark City is finally back in production mode. If you love this music and want to try to understand more about the environment that created it, you’re gonna wanna see this movie.

First Live Recordings from Kent Massive 2013!

My how time flies! Almost 4 months have passed since Kent Massive. The day was a huge success, making the front page of the Kent County News’ Social Scene section for the second year in a row.

Today we are stoked to release the first live recordings from the show. So if you weren’t able to make it, here’s a little taste… and if you were there then I’m sure you can’t wait for more! First up we’ve got Grasonville, MD’s own DJ Joe Rich:

You already know he killed it at KAQAU in March, and these mixes of his show how he was able to keep the energy up and the crowd dancing in between acts at Kent Massive.

Of many, many, many highlights, one was of course hometown hero and Unknowne Landes flag bearer Kotic Couture. His performance featured, in addition to at least two costume changes, a majority of the tracks from his then unreleased mixtape Uncrowned King (out now). Here’s a standout example with long-time collaborator Breezy Go Hard that definitely kept the whole theatre turnt up!

More recordings (audio and visual) will be released in the coming months, so stay tuned!

Kent Massive 2013 mixtape

TODAY IS THE DAY! Kent Massive is rolling into town, ready to blow up the local music scene once again! If you still don’t know what’s going on at the Garfield Center for the Arts today, check out http://www.kentmassive2013.tk and get on Facebook.

Here is the tracklist of the exclusive promo mixtape that will ONLY be available at the show!

  1. Kotic Couture – King (from the upcoming mixtape “Uncrowned King”)
  2. Chester River Runoff – Plastic Houses (from the album “Blue Heron Farm”)
  3. L.atasha A.lcindor – Pretend Janet (from the “Spark” EP)
  4. Me Equals You – Anything But Love (from the album “Respice Finem”)
  5. Vitamin K – Nocturnal
  6. Dogs & Day Drinkers – The Dogs’ Lament (acoustic)
  7. Encasing Embrace – Changing Times (not performing)
  8. Trav Black – Eyes on the Prize (from the mixtape “Focus Humble and Maintain)
  9. A Galaxy Concealed – Reflections (members of Sterling Moon)
  10. Dutch Williams – World of Make Believe (not performing)
  11. Kent Massive interview on WCTR