Mp3NDAYS: Goatface Killa

In case you missed it, Toronto grindcore trio Goatface Killa closed out 2013 with a ten-minute bang in the form of their first full-length (by grindcore standards) LP.

It’s all the harsh vocals, chaotic drumming, chunky riffage, and amusing song titles you should expect from GxK if you’ve caught them live, and it’s all up for free download below:

What’s that? You’ve never heeded the Call of the Goatface and seen their ridiculous performances that have been described as akin to a blender? Well you’re in luck because we have four, count ’em FOUR, exclusive videos from their set at The Cage last June!

Now what’s that you say? These videos just aren’t enough? Your tastes for extreme music simply cannot be sated by Clouds of Sound and Tubes of You? Well then now is your lucky time because this band is constantly gigging. Here are just a couple of their upcoming shows:

Bear Trap, Born Wrong, Goatface Killa, Manacle, Anxiety. January 10 at Thigh High Clubhouse

Burn Victim, Burial Permit, Goatface Killa, Homestyle Cooking, Skwid. January 18 at The Central


Mp3NDAYS: clycl – Live @ Sweetfoot Studios

Sweetfoot Studios opened up shop in Easton just over a year ago, providing a much needed space on Maryland’s eastern shore for area bands to record their music, rent some rehearsal space, and/or have their tracks mixed and mastered. They even offer recording to analog tape!

For their anniversary this past weekend, Sweetfoot had a party which included performances from Blanket Fortress, Lunar Era, The Aughts, co-founder Shea Springer`s band Pony Bones, and our own clycl.

Check out clycl`s live set from the night below; it includes some tracks from Elwood Slow Jams ’13.

bonus beat: “Spring” by Brooks Long & The Mad Dog No Good, recorded at Sweetfoot Studios:


Philly’s Pittsburgh-transplant DJ Apt One has just put up the second EP from his disco outfit RCMP for free download. I got their first release on vinyl from the too-short-lived Flamin Hotz Record Club, and somehow missed this one the first time around when it came out back in 2011.

The fact that it still sounds just as fresh goes to show how ahead of the curve this guy is. As fast as super-hype ham-fisted “EDM/dubstep” is blowing up in the mainstream, a handful of big artists are coming with updated interpretations of old school sounding soulful/funky beats (see Janelle Monae, Daft Punk, and yeah Justin Timberlake).

I mean let’s go back to 2009 when the first RCMP EP dropped. Mid-range bass wobbles were just starting to take over the underground, with Rusko in his prime and Skrillex not even using that name yet. Top 40 had just begun it’s revival of fouron-thefloor pop and Pitbull.

As everyone’s ears get tired of constant side-chains and square wave assaults, expect the next wave to sound more like this.



Mp3NDAYS: DJ Sega – Hoodlife 2 Headliner

This mix runs the gamut from classic funky Baltimore chants through the current trend of up-to-the-minute rap sample flips, and into club interpolations of modern EDM/dubstep/trap bangers with kicks and breaks battling synths and bass. It’s a thrill ride of a set that’s longer than most feature films, yet somehow manages to keep the energy not only up, but constantly building.

Check after the jump for the tracklist, the free download, and links to the few other artists featured (a majority of the tracks are his own remixes!)

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Mp3NDAYS: BizZarh, Harmonious Tribe, scatterpattern, tha 1 who Trevs

Saturday is coming up fast! The first official Unknowne Landes event in Toronto, featuring live performances from BizZarh and scatterpattern, and DJ sets from Harmonious Tribe and myself. To help you get through this week, here’s some music from all the artists getting ready to throw down at Jun Jun Bar!

This mixtape may be old, but it still sounds fresh, and is a good introduction to what BizZarh is about. They’ve been working on a lot of new music that should be heard that night, so get psyched!
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Who are Harmonious Tribe? Are they a surf rock band? Are they retro video game designers? Are they preparing a super trippy DJ set for Saturday? Is all this true and more? I dunno what to tell you, I just know them from Tumblr!
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Scatterpattern will be debuting his “Sorry About This” live show in Toronto. If you haven’t heard or seen that before in podcast form, it involves drum machines, synths, effects pedals, and Christmas lights.
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This mix is based on a set I played at Nocturne last year, but in addition to the tracklist included I closed out the night with twenty minutes of mid-00s snap music. That might happen again, we’ll see!
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Mp3NDAYS: DMV 2 SXSW Mixtape


Getting this week’s post in just under the wire! It woulda been up sooner but the airport wifi was not cooperating.

While I was flying back to Toronto from the DMV, there was another group of artists making their way back to the DMV from Austin, TX. They were Brave New Breed, a record label/entertainment company who had compiled a mixtape of local artists to distribute during their time at SXSW.

The mixtapes (which were copied onto some slick USB bracelets) were given out to music lovers all over the festival, especially at BNB’s flagship event, The Breeding Ground, with headliner Talib Kweli.

Featured on the compilation, was Kotic Couture‘s track “Hey Hello Hi,” produced by me. An updated version of that song (plus three new ones, a remix, and a cover) will be available on our EP coming out later this month.

More details on that release to come shortly; for now, stream and download the DMV2SXSW mixtape below, and check out all the other dope artists!

Download the DMV2SXSW Mixtape | Powered by

Mp3NDAYS: K.A.Q.A.U. edition

Kent And Queen Anne's Underground

This Friday, the Kent And Queen Anne’s Undergrounds will merge for a night of tag-team bass slinging and light throwing. Some said it couldn’t be done, and the locale may seem out of place, but in reality it’s only 30 miles from the land of Starscape (at least as the crow flies…)

To get you pumped, here are selections from each DJ set to perform that night.

Joe Rich, representing the Kent Island team, was instrumental in setting this show up from the idea’s inception to searching for a venue and booking the talent. This will also be his first official DJ gig!
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Perhaps the Eastern Shore’s fastest rising emcee, Kotic Couture will be showing off his DJ skills to the crowd, taking a one night break from preparing his upcoming EP on this label and flying across the country to perform with the Grammy-nominated B.Slade!
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He’s a regular on the DMV EDM scene; you’ve seen Prospect on the dancefloor but now’s your chance to check him out behind the decks! He’s definitely a favorite from his local Grasonville all the way out to Chestertown.
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Now based in Toronto, tha 1 who Trevs still provides consistent support for the Kent County scene that raised him, recording and producing local artists, and organizing events such as Kent Massive, Narnia Underground, and this one right here!
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Hailing from across the Kent Narrows, in the past year Kennedy has already played with a decent selection of the DMV’s staple DJs, including Jon Kwest, James Nasty, Mathias, and Steve Starks.
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Vitamin K, Chestertown born and raised, is also working on a release for Unknowne Landes. His first ever live performance at Narnia Underground was something the likes of which had never been seen in Betterton, as evidenced by the video below:
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So there you have it; if you think you’re ready for this historic cross-county throwdown, hop on route 213 and we’ll see you Friday! It’s all going down at the Centreville American Legion Post 21 at 122 Spring Street, and cover is just five bucks!